How to showcase homes to real estate buyers

How to showcase homes to real estate buyers

Are you a real estate agent preparing yourself to show homes to potential buyers? You need proper planning to increase the chances of making a sale. A buyer looking to invest in Durham real estate has a lot of expectations when they are checking different homes. They also have needs which you must identify and work hard towards meeting as you show them real estate properties.

Start planning before the show day. Check if the homes that you plan to show are still on sale and familiarize yourself with all the prices. You should also be aware of the right route and location of the homes as you drive the clients to the destination. You should appear as the expert of the property and not an agent who is guessing on the exact location of the home.

Showcasing your home

Have with you all the necessary information during the show day. Carry documents such as survey plates, floor plans, and restriction documents. All these equip you with all the right answers to questions that the clients may raise. Printout important copies and carry a clipboard and a pen with you.

Most houses use MLS lockbox systems to boost the security of homes. To use this key, you must update it every month. As the agent showing off such a home to clients, you should also update your key so that you don’t get embarrassed from not being able to access the building. Replace your batteries or carry spare ones as you showcase the house.

You should also do sufficient research to help your clients make the right decisions. You should do more than trying to sell the house to them. Use the right closing techniques without pushing your client too hard since this strategy is intimidating and not convincing. Avoid pointing out all the features of a home but give them a chance to discover some.

Make your home look appealing

Also, share some of the issues that the home may be having since this makes buyers view you as a creditworthy agent since you don’t keep on praising every house you are marketing. Ensure that the buyer is not carried away by the items in a room that may not even be on sale. You should keep them on track so that they can focus on the house and not on the things in it.  Do this carefully as you lead them to the next room after they spend some time in one room.

You should also ensure that you leave the house as you found it. Close the main doors and open the ones that you found open. If you have a lot of clients, countercheck the home after they have left to ensure that all the exterior doors are locked.

After the show day, do a follow up as you review the questions that the clients may have asked. Go through all the important information you gathered from interacting with the clients to understand their expectations well.  You can start scheduling a return visit if a client interested in viewing it one more time. Go through all the costs and if you’re in need of extra funds, a payday loan could help tide you over until the end of the month.